Health Club Promotion with Gym T-Shirts

Whether you manage a circuit training franchise or a big national chain health club, there's no doubt that 2 of your main functions are gym marketing and increasing revenues. Every fitness center in the nation is looking for new members, while at the same time seeking to increase their earnings.

What if you could do both at the exact same time? What if you could get your existing members to do some fitness center marketing for you, and do it free of charge? Even much better, how delighted would you be if your members paid you to promote your health club?

A custom tee shirt can assist you to attain all these objectives, bringing in more income and complimentary advertising for many years to come. Selling workout clothes have paid for numerous fitness centers, and it can be for you, too.

Possibly the finest way to profit from the exercise wear market is to offer tee shirts with your logo on the front. Your members will wear a premium customized tee shirt, and whenever they use it they'll be promoting for you.

Before entering this side-business, it's essential to think about precisely what type of custom-made printed t-shirt your members will buy. As an example, think about the exceptionally popular females’ circuit-training fitness centers that are spread out across the United States. Color and quality are necessary, especially to a woman. While many females will not wear a regular white tee shirt, they will excitedly buy a custom-made developed tee shirt. Low-cost t-shirts that are almost transparent after the very first wash won't produce lots of sales. Offering high-quality shirts in a large selection of colors, on the other hand, will make the most of the sales.

Ways in which do you get into this successful business? It's basic! You currently have the subscription base, and all you need is a t-shirt style. For most of you, that will be your existing health club logo. As soon as you've picked an image, motto or logo for your printed t-shirt, your next action is to find a provider that can wholesale t-shirts and likewise deal with all your tee shirt printing requirements.

Perhaps you already have a t-shirt printer that you're dealing with. Maybe they've even estimated you a cost that appears to be low. Is that truly exactly what you're paying? Watch out for the covert charges on your bill. A lot of fitness center clothes providers charge a set-up fee varying from $60 to $140. You pay this fee each time you make a change to your t-shirt design. Other businesses estimate you a low price on the shirts then strike you with a big shipping and managing charge, bringing the per-shirt rate well over $9. Covert costs like these will erase any earnings potential.

To find exactly what kind of profit you've been making on retail gym tee shirts, discover one of your old billings and find out your real expense per shirt. Take the total amount you paid, including set-up fees, shipping also handling and divide that number by the real number of t-shirts you got. You may be shocked by how much you're paying for t-shirts.

Presuming that you've found a supplier with an affordable price, you can resell logo t-shirts to your members for $10 each. You might desire to think about charging more for your shirts.